Monday, 25 April 2016

I really must try harder!

Was my last message way back in September last year? I cannot believe it.
Perhaps so much has happened that I have just not had the time. Well, that's my excuse!
What with the Queen's 90th birthday, the celebration of St. George and 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare, is it any wonder I have not had time to put pen to paper!
This year really did start off with a bang. All our new range of Drama Workshops are proving most popular, and there is a surge of interest in our environmental play "Robin Hood Rescues the Forest".
"Billy Beware!" has also been in demand. I guess folks are waking up to the fact that there is much said and done about "elf & safety", but so little of it relates to kids. Our production fills the gap nicely.
Not only is the play doing well, but we are also in demand for the book written by our Director and Principal Actress, Karen.
There was a time when I could add pictures but, sadly, I seem to have lost the knack. Either that or the blogging system I am using will not oblige.
Anyway, I am off to walk the dog, Bonnie, between showers. Hopefully, you may get to see her once the glitch has been resolved.
Until next time - not so long!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Growing all the time

Not another new actress! Absolutely so. The delightful talented Melissa Livermore has joined us after a successful summer tour of much of England and Wales with a show specifically designed for young children. Take a look at "Actors & Auditions" and you can read her personal blog.
Schools are now back after a rather dismal August and we, too, are back in the swing of things with some exciting new Drama Workshops on offer.
We have recently risen to the challenge and created interactive studies on "The Plague, The Great Fire of London, Twentieth Century Monarchs, Victorian and Georgian Times and a whole load more.
We are so pleased that teachers want the children to be more "hands on" with their studies. How different from my school days, when I was sat there dozing while some old bore droned on about polders and dams and the like.
So while you were all out enjoying yourselves in the rain, we were stuck here planning your future educational needs and pleasures.
And now I must get back to more of that but, before you leave, refresh your memory of some of the wonderful plays we have on offer.
Until next time,
Albert x
Melissa Livermore

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Summer Madness

The last time I posted a blog you had all waited for 5 months, and now I am back after only 2 weeks.
Well much has happened and I am delighted to be telling you about a lovely new actress who has joined us for the next school year.
Amanda Madison is currently starring at the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival in "Titus Andronicus" and "As You Like It".
Amazingly, she is also finding the time to fit in some
rehearsals and line learning with ATTC. When you have read this just turn to our "Actors" page to find out more about Amanda.
Now for a touch of sadness. The delightful young Emily Windham is leaving us to go to The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. We are delighted that she has won a place at this long established and most prestigous academy. We know she will do well, so just watch out for her when she lights up the London stages in two or three years time. In case you have forgotten what she looks like, she is the one with the dazzling red hair. Just look at an earlier blog and she will be there.
As if all these changes were not enough, we are ploughing on with the creation of more Drama Workshops to meet the growing demand from schools. We can now say with confidence "give us a subject and we will have a Drama Workshop ready to fit the bill".
Moreover, we are taking many enquiries from senior schools following the curriculum changes, and we are enjoying the engagement with older students.
Before I sign off, take a look at our new young lady I have told you about.
Bye for now,
Albert x

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

No time for blogging!

I know it has been 5 months since my last posting, but that does not mean I have been totally idle and remiss. Quite the opposite, in fact.
For some time now I have been planning more ways to meet the ever changing National Curriculum, and the emphasis it places on broadening our children's outlook and experiences of life.
More "hands on" and less sitting in class merely listening to teachers "droning on"!
We have the answer with our fully participative Drama Workshops.
Think of just about any study subject and we will either have a ready made Workshop or we will create one for you.
If you like, have it as an adjunct to one of our established plays. The children will not only be learning but enjoying the active participation.
Don't worry about the cost. We always take the view "the kids come first". Just tell us your budget and I am sure we will meet it.
That is all I want to say at the moment, but do watch this space.
We have an exciting new actress joining us for the next school year, and I will tell you all about her when I next write.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Where did January and most of February go?

Hi guys. I'm back in case you thought I was dead!
Sorry again for the long absence, but we have been so busy creating new Drama Workshops to meet the National Curriculum changes.
We can now boast Workshops to meet all the new criteria for both KS1, KS2 and the years 7 & 8 for the seniors.
Fancy a spot of the Plague, or the Great Fire of London?
How about joining us in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages?
You may even wish to travel with a few Ancient Greeks or Romans or that rough bunch of Vikings.
Or why not sample the trenches in World War I?
You name it. We have it. In fact, challenge us with something new and we will oblige.
Yes, Interactive Drama Workshops where the children get to be very creative and active, and with our able assistance produce their very own pieces and act them out to the rest of the class, are very much in vogue.
It is all about keeping in touch, and that is what we have been doing for sixteen years.
Now I really must get bck to designing a newsletter so my fans will know he treats that are in store for them.
See you next time,
Albert xx

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christmas is just around the corner

I really must get my head round this blogging business!
Nothing since August and still no pictures of our two new wonderful actresses.
It is not that they haven't sent me them, but rather because I seem to have lost the knack of loading them onto the blog.
Let me have just one more try. PRESTO!
I seem to have cracked it.
Now Emily is in colour. I just wanted you to see her red hair, and Jade in mono looking every bit as good.
They both joined us in the Summer and have been hard at it with the new curriculum recommendations.
As well as our 10 scripted plays they are facing the challenges of Drama Workshops on a multitude of subjects: World War I, Middle Ages and Medieval Times, Stone, Bronze and Iron Age, Elizabethans, Victorians, to name just a few.
And all this with virtually a full book on the run up to the year end.
Well I must go now and send out confirmations of bookings that are already piling up for next year.
So, until the next time (not too long I promise) farewell.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Summer nearly over

Having returned from a successful tour in Spain to the rain and cold of the typical English Summer, we are now heavily into rehearsals with our two new wonderful actresses.
Jade and Emily have joined us for the forthcoming school year.
Both are extremely talented and are picking up rapidly on the exacting task of learning NINE plays.
Whilst Karen is a real task master and demands perfection, she has a heart of gold and the girls are having plenty of fun picking up on the myriad of characters, plots, costumes and props. I hear it all sat at the computer coordinating the bookings for the coming months.
In keeping with the changes to the National Curriculum, we are expanding our portfolio and offering a wide range of Drama Workshops. In fact, we can now accomodate any subject the wider ranging and more recent history studies demand.
Just mention a subject and, if we do not already carry it, we will do the research and come up with a tailor made presentation.
I will sign off now, but will remember to ask Jade and Emily for photos I can add later.
Until next time....