Sunday, 24 June 2018


With a little bit of luck, BREXIT could be resolved before the end of this decade!
The housing shortage could then be tackled!
The N.H.S could be made to work better!
Obesity could be overcome! (Incidentally, why don't they just do what they did with tobacco - keep everything that contains sugar under lock and key. And, whilst they are about it, include all foodstuffs that contain salt. That would make shopping so much easier!)
Where was I ?
Oh yes,
Has anyone in Government ever considered the possibility that this Country's future depends on the young?
I suspect not. Otherwise, we would be spending a great deal more on educating them.
So, it falls on the public to do more.
We hear regularly of situations where there has to be a "whip round" to buy pencils, books and even toilet paper.
So what chance the ARTS and DRAMA!
Live drama has long been recognised as a powerful tool in the education process; whether it be watching PERFORMANCES or participating in WORKSHOPS.
If THEATRE IN EDUCATION is to survive, it needs the help of the teachers, parents and friends.
Be prepared to go out and raise funds. Dig deep in your pockets and provide subsidies.
After all, your Government is showing little interest!
Finished bitching but,
just before I go, take a look at a photo from a play we recently performed. Bet you can't guess what it was!
Albert .....

Sunday, 10 June 2018

T. I. E. AND S.E.N.

Over the years I have written much about what we can do and offer, and today I want to mention something I have barely touched on despite it being a very important area , and one in which I believe we excel, having gained a great deal of experience spanning many years.
Of course, every school has a SENCO (SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS CO-ORDINATOR) assigned to the children requiring special attention for many different reasons: dedicated individuals with specialist skills. We always try to introduce ourselves to them on arrival to ensure those in their care will be okay with our performance.
BUT, beyond this we have a wealth of experience in performing at SPECIAL SCHOOLS covering the whole spectrum from moderate to multiple and profound needs.
IN FACT, our very first performance on the IDES of MARCH 1999 was "The Story of Aesop's Fables" at Springhallow School in Ealing.
Back then it was the only play we had on offer and, fortunately, our Director and Creator lived close by.
We at once realised how important it was to bring live drama to some who would probably never have the pleasure of visiting a theatre.
Since that first day we have performed many of our plays at numerous SPECIAL SCHOOLS, and conducted DRAMA WORKSHOPS.
I will leave you with just one example of a fairly recent occurrence:
A booking had been made for a performance of our play "WORLD WAR II" to be followed by a one hour DRAMA WORKSHOP based on the subject at a SPECIAL SCHOOL. At the time of booking we were informed that the audience would comprise around 30 pupils with moderate learning ability.
On the day we arrived the headteacher told us that they had just accepted a small unit of four pupils in wheelchairs and, whilst they would watch the play, they would not be able to participate in the workshop.
We gave this some serious thought and concluded they would be able to participate; they would dance in their wheelchairs in celebration of the end of the war; a real winner with the head teacher.
The final word.... INCLUSION!  

Saturday, 19 May 2018


YES, of course, we all know about the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan and, of course, the FA Cup Final as Chelsea and Manchester United dutifully line up to follow it.
But NO, I am going back nearly 500 years to the execution of ANNE BOLEYN on 19th May 1536

Was she really guilty of adultery? Mark Smeaton admitted to having had an affair with her, as did others. But let us not forget, back then there were some quite ingenious ways of extracting confessions. Just visit The Tower of London and see some examples. I promise they will make your blood curdle.
To be honest, I never did trust that Oliver Cromwell chap - something about him!
Anyway, if you want to learn more and be royally entertained, just book our fabulous "Henry VIII" play.
It's my favourite of our ten productions, and I guarantee you will love it.
Fifteen characters are portrayed by two brilliant actors, and you will have the opportunity to partake in an execution, not yours, I hasten to add!
As I leave you, take a look at some of the pictures from the show.
Until next time, Albert.....

Thursday, 3 May 2018


Now it is May and the sun is shining. How could I possibly find anything to moan about?
Although the schools have no money, it seems the parents do, and they are looking for shows for their kids' birthday parties.
Well, look no further. Aesop's Theatre has the most popular children's plays for ages two to twelve: and they are affordable. Give me a call or send me an email and I will quote a fee to meet your budget.
"Gingerbread Man" for the young ones is the most popular production but, if you prefer a bit of puppetry, go for "The Ugly Duckling", or if friendship is high on the agenda, "The Hare & the Tortoise" fits the bill perfectly.
They say " action speaks louder than words" but, in this case let it be pictures.
I will leave you with some of these to whet your appetite.
Until soon, Albert...

Monday, 23 April 2018


I'm griping again!
But not without just cause.
I feel sorry for the kids when I hear we just cannot afford it. Our budget has been slashed to the bone. We are even asking parents to make contributions; anything will do, pens, paper to write on, or even toilet paper.
Is this the way to run a country?
Is there nobody in high places who recognises that education matters?
Oh well, I guess not!
So, let's move on.
How about a party? We have just the show for your 2 to 8 year olds, and mum and dad, granny and the rest will all love it too.
I am talking about "The Gingerbread Man".
We have been performing this for nigh on 20 years and GBM is as young and athletic as ever trying to escape his home in search of somewhere better, but eventually realising he had the best home in the world and, with the help of the children getting back safe and sound.
Until the next time, I will leave you with some photos.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018


"Who could say we are boring?

We are in our twentieth year and still the ideas keep flowing. The trick is to keep each production fresh and alive! Theatre is a living, breathing entity and every actor who works for us brings something new to the cooking pot; whether it be humour, movement, vocal skills, fresh characterisation, or any number of other skills. Our plays are still loved today and we have never felt the need to drop any, as they each provide something unique. Repeat bookings have proved our worth over the years.

I am proud to say we not only perform ten plays in traditional repertory style and conduct various and bespoke workshops nationally, mainly in schools and theatre venues but, with the success of our own children's book, Billy Beware! we are proud to be providing 'Storytelling' as a new addition to our repertoire. Performances and readings are most often in schools, but theatre venues, libraries, village halls, community centres and even living rooms all feature.

Drama Tuition is another new addition to our repertoire. We have had enquiries for LAMDA Examinations too and these are welcomed and encouraged

As we at Aesop's Theatre love a party, we are delighted to be writing a bespoke play for a surprise 60th birthday party in June..

Get in touch with us if you want something a little bit different. We welcome new challenges.


Wednesday, 28 March 2018


At Aesop's Touring Theatre Company (ATTC) we don't just perform, we also teach others to do it.
Schools love putting on plays and children enjoy being part of them: usually at Christmas or other festivities.
Because we know how much this means, particularly for the parents and family members, we want the occasion to be very special.
ATTC has ten scripted plays that are regularly performed in schools, theatres, parties, corporate events where the children need entertaining, and in many other situations.
All these productions are on our website and they have all been created by us. We write, produce, direct, choreograph, provide sets, costumes and props and even compose the music.
We have been doing this for nigh on twenty years, so we do know a bit about it!
Why not let us help you?
If you have ideas, we can assist in developing them. If you don't, we can suggest some for you.
Everything is possible.
We will work within your budget to help create a truly memorable production you will be proud to perform.
Take a look at some of our audiences.
Thanks for reading this and until soon, Albert......