Sunday, 22 November 2009

That was some week!

So many performances last week of "Uggers" as it is affectionately known by us!
Children all over London and the Home Counties were enthralled and delighted when our hero made friends first with a frog, then with a cat and, finally, with all the other beautiful swans.
The audiences joined in, some coming on stage to sing "The Jumping Song" with Frank "Revit", and even more for the little ducks that went swimming one day. Fortunately, they did all come back.
I cannot speak for the Nation but for us National Anti-bullying Week was a great success, and we got the message across to over 1,500 children in just five days.
Before I leave just to remind all you teachers that most schools have their "book week" in March. So, if you want to avoid disappointment in 2010 get on the phone or email me quickly as we are already taking many bookings .

Sunday, 15 November 2009

"Hanging from the rafters"

Well we really packed them in yesterday at The Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn for two performances of "Not such an Ugly Duckling".
This coming week is "National Anti-bullying Week" and we have lined up no less than ten performances of this play and several associated Drama Workshops at nine different schools.
Is there somebody out there who can give us a hand please?
Joking aside, we are thrilled to be so sought after, and feel proud that we are able to offer a little something towards the endeavour to halt bullying.
I think I can reasonably predict that this relatively new play with its life size puppets is very much here to stay.

Friday, 13 November 2009

DIWALI (Festival of Lights)

Last month we were thrilled to have been invited to conduct some Workshops during the Diwali Festival. The Workshops were for pupils at Freemantles School in Mayford, Surrey. A school dedicated to the education of children with autism.
The Workshops consisted of creating rangoli floral pattern designs, mask making and lamp painting and decorating.
The children were just as excited as we were and the morning fairly flew by.
Whilst we would never presume to be experts in this form of art, we certainly benefited from the experience, and were pleased we had previously attended some Diwali festivities and witnessed the magnificent artwork.
Hopefully, we will be asked back next year; perhaps even to other schools.

Monday, 2 November 2009

Half Term is over

Not much time to rest as we were in theatres, sure start centres and art centres most of the week.
Highlights included another visit to Lains Barn near Wantage, The Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington where we performed "Henry VIII" to a packed house, and a trip to The Hub Theatre in Verwood by The New Forest where 150+ seats were filled to watch " The Adventures of the Gingerbread Man".
The phone is still ringing, mainly with late enquiries for a Christmas show. Strange how Christmas takes so many by surprise. I usually find it comes around towards the end of December!!!
We have managed to squeeze in the odd one still, very often after school hours.
Our thanks to those of you who have said so many kind things about "Robin Hood Rescues the Forest". Any misgivings we might have had have now entirely dispersed.