Tuesday, 11 February 2020


Well, we can't say we were not warned.
Thankfully, it is Sunday. That said, I expect half the Local Authorities are hoping for the storms to continue so they have a pathetic excuse to close the schools.
I am getting old, and my memory is not what it was, but I cannot recall a single day of my childhood when my schools were closed owing to adverse weather conditions.
Of course, back then the "Nanny State" was unheard of, and one just "got on with it".
Do I start every blog with a moan?
Enough, let us move on to brighter matters.
We have a school lined up for us to assist with their next in-house production. This is a challenge we really enjoy.
All kids love to perform given the right incentive, and we make sure they rise to the occasion.
This time it is to be an Easter pantomime; becoming very popular with schools, and enabling us to be in our element both creating and assisting.
If you check out our website, you will see we offer Drama Tuition, and we can even suggest the appropriate style of play for any age range.
Karen is a qualified Drama Teacher as well as an accomplished actor.
Did you know she writes all her own plays, designs the sets and costumes, composes the music and songs, stages, choreographs, produces and directs the performances, not just for herself, but also for other companies. Remember our mini Shakespeare a few blogs back?
So, if you need help with any aspect of your school play, just call on us.
It matters not if it is a minor technicality or a full scale operation, we are here for you.
I have to be off now for some intensive rehearsal schedule, so I will just leave you with this from a recent school visit.
Until soon, Albert.....