Tuesday, 19 February 2019


Am I losing the plot?
Surely not!
I have searched high and low, but nowhere can I find mention of PAUL BAVERSTOCK. And, to make matters even worse, he does not appear in our "Hall of Fame".
So who is he? You ask.
Who is he???
Only one of our most recent performers, and an actor of outstanding talent. Well up there with those who pass our stringent test to be accepted as part of the "Aesop's Theatre Team".
How this blatant omission occurred is completely beyond me. I can only blame the gremlins in the system.
Anyway, he is now up in lights, as they say, and here is a photo.
Of course, many of you will have already seen him in the flesh, so to speak.
Paul is certainly enjoying himself with us and, like so many before him, has brought much of his own style and ideas with him.
I will return ere long.

Thursday, 14 February 2019


The sun is shining and whilst there is a chill in the air, we have survived in the south with only a modicum of snow and ice. Of course, March can bring surprises, but our hopes are high that we will not suffer any last minute postponements through school closures.
Amazing that we manage trips to the Midlands and beyond in the severest weather conditions only to find over zealous councils have ordered the schools to close. It were a lot different in my day, I hear you say. We all looked forward to creating treacherous slides and hurling snowballs at unsuspecting teachers: it was all part of the winter experience.
Nowadays, the kids are locked into their homes in front of their computers and mobile phones; "quelle change"!
Enough of the complaining, I did promise you a look at our wonderful new actress Tabitha.
Well, here she is, and you will be seeing her many times over the coming months.
 That's all from me for the present, but I will stay in touch, I promise,