Saturday, 9 December 2017

Time for scarves and wooly hats!

Isn't it amazing how a freezing cold day is described as "bright" by every dog walker you meet. I guess it's a euphemism for "I'm freezing my what's-its off"!
Anyway, the one thing we all seem to care about when the thermometer goes blue is the elderly and how
will they cope?
I was thinking about this only this morning, as I tried to keep my balance over the exposed ice laden tree roots. And I was reminded of the times we have performed our plays in care homes - such appreciative audiences, who make you feel welcome, and tell you how you have brightened their day.
My thoughts then turned to the sick, and I vividly recalled the looks on the faces of the children when we gave a charity performance of "The Gingerbread Man" at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital - so satisfying to see.
We fear the cold, not the icy roads, nor the threat of snow, but the "molly codling" Local Authorities and their obsession with Health and Safety.
One winter we drove from Woking to Birmingham for a 9.30 performance, only to find the City had decided to close the school, as the playground could be dangerous. Really, we managed the trip without sliding once!
Talking of which, I remember the fun we had at my school making slides that became dusted with snow, and waiting for an unsuspecting teacher to step on them.
I've rambled on enough and I'm starving, so off for some porridge the proper Scottish way, with honey and a "wee dram".
Until the next time, I leave you with these chillers......Albert.....