Monday, 30 October 2017

Glad to be indoors!

Just back from walking Bonnie, the Shih Tsu, and definitely not a day for shorts and a tee shirt!
A touch above freezing at 8 a.m.,
Today, I am expecting many enquiries for National Book Week, Anti-bullying Week, Child Safety Week and a whole host of other special weeks. Oh, did I forget Halloween?
Did you know Tesco have devoted two aisles, special promotional staff and three days to this crazy American non event!!!
Needless to say, we will be celebrating with some of our scary character actors.
1st November is the UK start of Christmas, terminating around the end of December, or January if you are in pantomime.
So you have only two months to organise for the biggest retail event of the year. We are all going away. Can't be doing with all the doings!
Have you noticed England closes after New Year's Day and re-opens about mid January?
Anyway, enough of the moaning and groaning and back to work.
Just before I go, see if you can spot which is my dog and which is the one from "Billy Beware!"
Until next time,
Albert xxx

Sunday, 1 October 2017

October in the rain

I don't know what it is like where you are, but it is pouring it down in Woking.
Last time I told you about our two new actors, Alia and Fergus, well I can now show them to you.
Of course, some of you may have already met them as we are very much up and running with the new school year.
We have mailed nearly 11,000 schools and enquiries and bookings are pouring in.
Sadly, education does not seem to figure highly in government circles, hence the ever decreasing school budgets and, of course, drama is always amongst the first to suffer.
Do remember our motto "THE KIDS ALWAYS COME FIRST". So, if you are feeling the strain, do please ask us for a special deal. We will always endeavour to oblige, even if it does mean going hungry that day!
Enough doom and gloom, take a look at our two new guys, and I will see you next time.
Best wishes,