Sunday, 31 January 2010

Keeping our fingers crossed

Well we got through January mostly unscathed, despite the weather's best efforts to hinder us. But it aint all over yet!
February is threatening to be a testing month if we can believe the forecasters, and we have much travelling to do.
Bookings this coming few weeks will see us in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Bath, Bristol, the extremes of Suffolk (that's the County where the roads disappear beyond Ipswich!) and the wilds of Somerset.
But I shouln't complain as with the exception of two or three half days we are fully booked right through to Easter. Anyway that is the good news, but the downside is if we do get snowed off at any time there is no room to re-arrange this school term.
Having spent most of the weekend catching up with the paperwork I think I will take a leaf out of the Hare's book and have a snooze.
Until the next time then......

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A time to reflect

With most of England snowbound and many schools closed we are shuffling our bookings and endeavouring to re-arrange those that had to be postponed.
Amidst all this I have taken the time to look back on some of the experiences of the past couple of years.
From time to time we take on drama students for work experience placements. In the recent past Georgina, Bethany and most recently Imogen have joined us.
Whilst I like to think that we are doing our bit for the community, I have to say that we seem to gain more than we give. Each one of these young ladies has been like a breath of fresh air about the place. Apart from delighting us with their presence, they have each contributed on a day to day basis helping with the get ins etc. but more importantly with their views, opinions and suggestions. Since in terms of age they are all closer to the audience than we are their input has been extremely valuable.
Unfortunately, we can only accommodate one or two placements per year, but all you keen students out there do please get in touch as we want to hear from you.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year to all our readers

We finally finished off the Christmas fayre and celebrated the New Year and now back to work.
After the break our actors have little time to settle in for the new school term as we have bookings already for most of the first two weeks in January.
"Robin Hood Rescues the Forest" is proving to be a real winner. I suppose it is popular because it is suitable for both infant and junior ages, and environment and ecology are high on the agenda.
Lots of enquiries still coming in from nurseries and Sure Start Centres. I guess our theme plays on safety and anti-bullying hit the spot.
All this is happening before we even send out our latest mailings and emails.
Do please get in touch early if you are looking to book a "Theme Day" as whole day availability does become scarce a the year progresses.
I will finish on a polite message to Local Authorities. If we can travel 100 plus miles to reach the schools throughout the winter please don't close them because of a flurry of snow. Remember when you were kids how much you enjoyed playing snowballs in the playground.