Sunday, 31 January 2010

Keeping our fingers crossed

Well we got through January mostly unscathed, despite the weather's best efforts to hinder us. But it aint all over yet!
February is threatening to be a testing month if we can believe the forecasters, and we have much travelling to do.
Bookings this coming few weeks will see us in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Bath, Bristol, the extremes of Suffolk (that's the County where the roads disappear beyond Ipswich!) and the wilds of Somerset.
But I shouln't complain as with the exception of two or three half days we are fully booked right through to Easter. Anyway that is the good news, but the downside is if we do get snowed off at any time there is no room to re-arrange this school term.
Having spent most of the weekend catching up with the paperwork I think I will take a leaf out of the Hare's book and have a snooze.
Until the next time then......

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