Monday, 30 July 2018


Last time I wrote I promised you a photo of our new young actress, Alicia, and here she is.
No, not the one on the lead being petted, the other one!
 Come to think of it, I believe Alicia would have enjoyed performing inside T-REX. Jade certainly did.
I do hope our presentations helped the theme parks with their DINOSAUR GOLF.
Getting back to rehearsals, I never cease to be amazed at just how much one can learn and retain.
Think about this. If one is performing on, let us say, a London stage with six evening shows and a matinee, you learn the part, rehearse it and get up there and do it.
With us, you have to learn nine plays, even more than rep. and be able to conduct drama workshops based on them.
And, if that is not enough, there will be workshops not necessarily related to the plays that also require learning.
All in all, it's a hard life with little financial reward for most. But we love it, or we would not be here doing it day after day. I can hear them rehearsing as I write so, I think I shall go and watch.
                                                                                   Until next time, Albert........

Monday, 16 July 2018


After the wettest Winter for some years, we are now enjoying the sunniest Summer since 1976.
I imagine it is waiting for the schools to break up and then will come the downfall.
In my day (here I go again!) it mattered not. We still made cycle speed tracks, bows and arrows, catapults and all manner of things liable to maim and kill ourselves and those around us.
How much is changed! The most likely injury to kids today is dropping their mobile or laptop on their foot.
Of course, such luxuries never existed back then and, even if they had, we could not have afforded them.
Enough of the reminiscing.
Today, we are having our first rehearsal with our talented new actor, Alicia, blocking some of our plays. Intensive rehearsals will begin soon, once the lines have been learnt.
Sadly, we will be losing Alia and Fergus at the end of the month as they pursue their careers in other directions. We wish them well and, of course, we will stay in touch as we have with others who have worked with us over the years.
Keeping this short today, but I will add a photo of Alicia next time I write.
In the meantime, take a look at these from our archives.