Friday, 28 August 2020


Well, so we are told.
Of course, I am referring to the kids going back to school, hopefully.
Now the Government in their wisdom, have decided the juniors and upwards must, or possibly should, wear masks:not in the classrooms, but in the corridors and elsewhere where "social distancing" is not possible or practical.
Well, good luck with that!
Anyway, it will not concern us unduly as we will be back entertaining and educating the nursery and infant children - no masks there.
Of course, we will pack them as occasionally we perform for the older ones with our popular theme plays, "World War II", "Henry VIII" and "Search for the Lost Tomb".
We will dedicate the next few days to brushing up on the scripts and double checking all the props and costumes are ready.
We are really looking forward to some face to face performances. Well, perhaps not quite face to face, but you know what I mean.
Now to sift through the bookings and double check with the schools that they are still expecting us.
I shall write again when we are in full flow.

Monday, 27 July 2020


I guess you all know to what I refer.
Of course, the dreaded scourge that has been plaguing our country and the rest of the World most of this year.
Fortunately, we at Aesop's Theatre have escaped the virus, but fallen foul of the consequences.
I now have to wonder if there is to be a future for Theatre in Education and, if there is, what form will it now take?
Yes, we have some bookings for the next school year and, hopefully, the Government will endeavour to get schools back on a normal footing so we may continue to inspire, educate and entertain the children.
We have not been idle during the last few months, far from it, we are progressing with our Drama Workshops and hope to launch a new play dealing with P.H.S.E. issues for infants, juniors and seniors.
Our principal actor, Karen, has made three short films during lock-down featuring characters from our plays and I urge you to watch them.
You will find the links in the Twitter postings.
I shall leave you now with a couple of images you may not have seen from "TIMELINE" featuring, you guessed it, our principal actor Karen.
Until the next time,

Tuesday, 11 February 2020


Well, we can't say we were not warned.
Thankfully, it is Sunday. That said, I expect half the Local Authorities are hoping for the storms to continue so they have a pathetic excuse to close the schools.
I am getting old, and my memory is not what it was, but I cannot recall a single day of my childhood when my schools were closed owing to adverse weather conditions.
Of course, back then the "Nanny State" was unheard of, and one just "got on with it".
Do I start every blog with a moan?
Enough, let us move on to brighter matters.
We have a school lined up for us to assist with their next in-house production. This is a challenge we really enjoy.
All kids love to perform given the right incentive, and we make sure they rise to the occasion.
This time it is to be an Easter pantomime; becoming very popular with schools, and enabling us to be in our element both creating and assisting.
If you check out our website, you will see we offer Drama Tuition, and we can even suggest the appropriate style of play for any age range.
Karen is a qualified Drama Teacher as well as an accomplished actor.
Did you know she writes all her own plays, designs the sets and costumes, composes the music and songs, stages, choreographs, produces and directs the performances, not just for herself, but also for other companies. Remember our mini Shakespeare a few blogs back?
So, if you need help with any aspect of your school play, just call on us.
It matters not if it is a minor technicality or a full scale operation, we are here for you.
I have to be off now for some intensive rehearsal schedule, so I will just leave you with this from a recent school visit.
Until soon, Albert.....

Sunday, 19 January 2020


It seems everyone is leaving!
Well, let me assure you WE ARE STAYING.
We are committed to weathering the financial storm and emerge with high flying "sales" (excuse the pun).
2020 sees us on course to producing a new fully interactive play titled
                                                  "LIFESTYLE CHOICES" 

The following is a definition of something with which you may now be all too familiar:
"Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education is a school curriculum subject in England and Ireland (known as SPHE-Social, Physical and Health Education) which focuses on developing the knowledge, skills and attributes to keep children and young people healthy and safe and to prepare them for life and work.[1] PSHE education is defined by the schools inspectorate Ofsted as a planned programme to help children and young people develop fully as individuals and as members of families and social and economic communities. Its goal is to equip young people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and practical skills to live healthily, safely, productively and responsibly."
In other words, it has been seen fit to devolve the responsibility of presumably irresponsible parents who have abdicated their parental duties and place it in the hands of school teachers.

AESOP'S TOURING THEATRE COMPANY is rising to the challenge, and assisting with this complex subject.
The play we will be launching will be for our core audiences of key stages 1 and 2 and deal with major issues of the day.
The children will engage in scenarios depicting the appropriate action to be taken or advice to be given in situations created to ensure healthy and sensible decisions, safety and well-being.
I will say no more at present, but watch this space as we move ahead with this exciting new programme. 
Until next time,

Thursday, 2 January 2020


I guess the real question for schools is DO WE BELIEVE BORIS?
On the run-up to the election the schools were promised more money; not lots more, and probably not enough to put them where they should be had previous governments not ignored them.
But, let us look on the bright side. Any increase above the current moderate rate of inflation may just mean that LIVE DRAMA will not remain on the back burner.
Heaven knows we have done our bit to help.
We offer rates that have not increased for many years.
You have only to ask and we will do all we can to assist.
Just take a moment to look at our website and you will see what is available, and it may not end there.
We will always listen to tails of woe.
Let us join in prayer that 2020 will bring a whole new lease of life to the education sector.
On a happy note as I leave take a look at these smiling faces.....