Monday, 27 July 2020


I guess you all know to what I refer.
Of course, the dreaded scourge that has been plaguing our country and the rest of the World most of this year.
Fortunately, we at Aesop's Theatre have escaped the virus, but fallen foul of the consequences.
I now have to wonder if there is to be a future for Theatre in Education and, if there is, what form will it now take?
Yes, we have some bookings for the next school year and, hopefully, the Government will endeavour to get schools back on a normal footing so we may continue to inspire, educate and entertain the children.
We have not been idle during the last few months, far from it, we are progressing with our Drama Workshops and hope to launch a new play dealing with P.H.S.E. issues for infants, juniors and seniors.
Our principal actor, Karen, has made three short films during lock-down featuring characters from our plays and I urge you to watch them.
You will find the links in the Twitter postings.
I shall leave you now with a couple of images you may not have seen from "TIMELINE" featuring, you guessed it, our principal actor Karen.
Until the next time,

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