Friday, 28 August 2020


Well, so we are told.
Of course, I am referring to the kids going back to school, hopefully.
Now the Government in their wisdom, have decided the juniors and upwards must, or possibly should, wear masks:not in the classrooms, but in the corridors and elsewhere where "social distancing" is not possible or practical.
Well, good luck with that!
Anyway, it will not concern us unduly as we will be back entertaining and educating the nursery and infant children - no masks there.
Of course, we will pack them as occasionally we perform for the older ones with our popular theme plays, "World War II", "Henry VIII" and "Search for the Lost Tomb".
We will dedicate the next few days to brushing up on the scripts and double checking all the props and costumes are ready.
We are really looking forward to some face to face performances. Well, perhaps not quite face to face, but you know what I mean.
Now to sift through the bookings and double check with the schools that they are still expecting us.
I shall write again when we are in full flow.

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