Thursday, 29 August 2013

Rehearsing Full Time

Heather and Ellis are enjoying the current wave of sunshine as they throw themselves eagerly into the somewhat intensive rehearsal schedule. One play already under their belts after the wonderful performances of "The Gingerbread Man" at the Southsea Festival. Only eight more plays to learn and they will be true veterans!
Performed to a lively bunch of kids at a birthday party in Bicester over the weekend - good practice for the new school term in a couple of weeks time.

Bookings are coming in already as teachers prepare for the new year. (Schools have different calendars from us mere mortals and start their years in September!)
Our mailing will go out to some 10,800 schools early next month and then the phone will "melt", and emails will pour in. The Autumn term (schools do not acknowledge Winter!) is our busiest period and we are already filling for December, so hurry and make your Christmas bookings.
Karen and I did manage a couple of weeks in France and Northern Spain: a well spent time doing nothing too much, unless you count eating, drinking and plenty of wine tasting. Sadly, that is now just history and it is back to business.
Until I next write, here are our new actors.