Saturday, 20 July 2013

James makes our day

Nothing pleases us more than fan mail.
We were truly delighted to receive the following earlier this week:-

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School
Webbs Wood Road
Bradley Stoke
South Glos.
BS32 8EJ

2nd July 2013

Dear Aesop's Theatre Company,

My name is James and I attend St. Mary's Catholic Primary School. Last week I watched an excellent performance of Robin Hood. Your show taught me a lot of science knowledge in an enjoyable way.

I now understand why chucking things in rivers is so bad. It pollutes the water and kills God's creatures. Until the show I did not know the importance of trees. I will try and use less paper to help the environment. I have told my dad we should buy a compost bin to recycle our fruit and vegetable waste.

Thank you for coming to St. Mary's. I would be honoured to be able to see another of your educational shows.

Yours faithfully,

Age 10

Thanks for that James. We hope to see you again soon.