Saturday, 13 February 2010

Recession, what recession?

If anyone out there is looking for something before Easter I may be able to fit you in in the afternoon of 19th March, provided you are near Reading, where we have 2 shows booked for the morning. Yes, we really are that full.
Now you are probably thinking next week is half term so there's the break. Forget it! Next week we are performing "Billy Beware!" at 7 Children's Centres and "Gingerbread Man" at 3 more, all laced with a sprinkling of Drama Workshops. And, to cap it all, we are back at Blacheath Halls on the Saturday with "Robin Hood rescues the Forest".
Not that we are complaining. Actors want to act, and I want to keep paying the ever increasing bills.
Have to go now. Got to sort out the VAT!

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