Sunday, 28 February 2010

The show must go on.

A few days ago the coolant light on our V W Estate came on with a warning not to continue driving. The problem was clearly loss of coolant, but no indication from where, and the temperature gauge did not register a problem.
The only free time available to sort it out was Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately, our regular dealer could not accommodate us but, thankfully, Martins of Camberley came to the rescue.
We scurried over on Thursday afternoon and, after a pressure test, got the news we were fearing-radiator leaking and must be replaced immediately.
By now it was around 4pm and Martins could not guarantee they could effect the repair that evening in case they hit an unforeseen problem.
What now? The guy on reception was most helpful and suggested Kendall Van Hire close by. Needless to say it was pouring with rain, but a kind lady, also on reception, drove us there. Within no time we were fitted up with a van and on our way.
Martins finished the job on Friday and we picked up the Estate Saturday morning. There was no charge as it was done under guarantee.
Now whilst this is a pretty boring story, we did have the pleasure of joining the ranks of the most hated and feared road users, albeit our van was blue and not white.
It was probably clear to those around us that we were not truly professional van drivers and that alone was sufficient to install terror in their minds.
Anyway, all ended without mishap, and our aching necks and backs have left us feeling somewhat more sympathetic towards white (and blue) van man.

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  1. Ha ha, sounds like another typical day in the life of a touring theatre troup! Hope your VW is back in action with a new-found appreciation for it's comforts.