Monday, 3 May 2010

We Don't Do Crazy!

I will start this comment with an apology to my readers if they feel offended in any way by what follows.
At least once a month I am guaranteed to receive an email on these lines.
"Hello, we are a school in (Slovenia) and we are proposing a day dedicated to the thousands of workers who have contributed to making our country what it is. We should like you to come and perform a one hour play for our 60 primary children on the subject of achievement. Is this something you can do? Many thanks SV"
Now this may be a touch extreme, but I am making a point.
We have a very active website that provides in depth information on the plays and workshops we perform. Nine plays are current and have to be learnt by our actors.
So do I reply:-
"Yes, of course we should love to write, prop, costume, music, choreograph etc. etc. a play to perform just once to 60 kids. I can give you a ball park fee, but somehow I don't think I will hear back from you"
Or do I just bin it, and with a sigh recognise this is now the silly season?
Until the next time,

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