Monday, 30 August 2010

New School Year Ahead

Sorry for the long delay, but even we have to take the occasional break!
Summer is virtually over. We have dealt with the "crazies". That is those who want us to write a play, costume it, prop it, compose the music, rehearse the actors, etc. etc. and then perform it once for 50 kids. Oh yes, we do get asked.
Talking of actors, we have two new ones joining us for the next year, and maybe longer. I am sure Caroline and Laurie will enjoy being with us. They are currently heavily into rehearsals. and their profiles will soon be appearing on the "actors" page.
We are hopeful that the Government cut backs will not cause schools to curtail "live drama". We all recognise what an important part it plays in the education process.
Bookings have been coming in for the first and second terms of the new school year which confirms my belief that teaching is not at all about long holidays and short days; our business has taught us that the teaching profession demands a great deal of effort, work and preparation outside of school hours.
On the subject of which I must get back to some preparation of my own.
Until the next time....

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