Friday, 2 November 2012


Is it my imagination, or has this recess really spread over three weeks - from the third week in October to the second week in November?
I guess staggering the break helps with traffic flow and it gives us a chance to take a break; that is when we are not busy with children's centres, parties and theatres - not really a break at all.
Anyway, now for the onslaught in the run up to Christmas.
For those of you taken by surprise that it comes at the end of December, we do still have a couple of slots available, but do hurry.
November is looking fairly full, but for those who cannot fit in in December, do try us for this month.
Our most recent production "TIMELINE" is enjoying a good run, and we are conducting a number of Drama Workshops based on excerpts from it. These are particularly attractive in isolation to those suffering budget cuts.
Do take a look at a couple of the photos from it while I pop out to put the kettle on.
I will be back soon,

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