Saturday, 10 September 2016

Up and Running!

Last time I told you about our two new actresses, Lana and Katherine, and now I am pleased to say they have done their first performance together - "World War II" at an independent school in Sunningdale.
The kids and teachers loved it, and were full of praise.
On Monday they are off to Southampton with "Aesop's Fables".
As I look out at the thickening clouds and watch the trees swaying, I am reminded summer is about over and we must prepare for the shorter days and cooler evenings. Still, not all gloom and doom, this is always our busy period with the run up to Christmas and we really enjoy the shows for the very young in December.
Remember, if you are thinking about a pantomime, why not consider the alternative of a fun-filled play for the nursery and infant children. We have four on offer, all perfect for the 2 to 7 age range. Just take a look at our website and pick one.
As I leave you now, take a look at our bright young actresses.
Until next time,
Albert x.....(not to be fooled with!)


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