Friday, 21 July 2017


As we welcome our two new actors Fergus Davison and Alia Wilson with open arms, we reflect on some happy and notable times over the years with past actors....
Like the time we went to Abertillery in Wales and performed in surrounding Leisure Centres during the day and partook in the local pub entertainment by night. The locals made us feel very welcome.  Or the time we performed 'The Hare and Tortoise' show at a school in Somerset and we managed to take in a trip to Stonehenge enroute!  Research for future Stoneage workshops and performances!  All good stuff!!
I remember it was the last performance for one of our actors at a school in Kent, and, as a parting treat, we took her to Hever Castle, where she had always wanted to go but had never managed it in the past.  Our play, Henry VIII, had inspired her to find out more about the tyrant King.  We had a fantastic time and even managed a picnic in the castle grounds.
A fun trip to Scotland and Yorkshire for performances of 'The Story of Aesop's Fables' with overnight stays in some lovely hotels.  Combining acting, sight-seeing and even some paddling in the sea! Performing on many occasion at the Tricycle Theatre in London and even the Bristol Old Vic Theatre in Bristol, not forgetting Lauderdale House in Highgate, which has recently been refurbished by the way and well worth a visit.  We are looking forward to returning there!
It has been and, I hope will continue to be, a wonderful education and experience, not just for the children to whom we perform, but also for the actors who work with us to create such vibrant, fun-filled plays that are both educational and entertaining.
As I always say...we hope you enjoy our work as much as we do.
Karen, Proprietor, A.T.T.C.

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