Sunday, 12 November 2017

Did your pets enjoy the fireworks?

I would love to say thank God that's all over but, of course, it isn't. Bonfire night, as we once knew it, now stretches from the beginning to the middle of November with little if any warning, unless you have caring, considerate neighbours.
Now I accept I am always beefing on about something or other, but this one really does get to me. Our government intrudes into most aspects of our lives; tells us what to eat, how much we can drink, half heartedly attempts to stop us smoking, and pretends to be concerned with our health and safety, whilst at the same time cutting back on the health service, policing and education.
But where in all this is the regulation on fireworks. Oh, I believe you have to be 18, or pretend to be, to buy them. Thereafter, do what you like with them.
I say let us have proper effective controls. Only sell to licensed buyers, and have similarly licensed displays on approved days that are advertised well in advance.
It may not suit everyone, but I bet our cats, dogs, rabbits and all the other pets will vote in favour and have a good night's sleep as depicted below.
That's me for now.
Albert ...

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