Monday, 23 April 2018


I'm griping again!
But not without just cause.
I feel sorry for the kids when I hear we just cannot afford it. Our budget has been slashed to the bone. We are even asking parents to make contributions; anything will do, pens, paper to write on, or even toilet paper.
Is this the way to run a country?
Is there nobody in high places who recognises that education matters?
Oh well, I guess not!
So, let's move on.
How about a party? We have just the show for your 2 to 8 year olds, and mum and dad, granny and the rest will all love it too.
I am talking about "The Gingerbread Man".
We have been performing this for nigh on 20 years and GBM is as young and athletic as ever trying to escape his home in search of somewhere better, but eventually realising he had the best home in the world and, with the help of the children getting back safe and sound.
Until the next time, I will leave you with some photos.

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