Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Can it really be true that Britain's most famous Monarch has been consigned to the hinterland?
Whatever  possessed our government to allow schools to opt out of Tudor studies?
Do they not know that Henry VIII changed the course of history and, more importantly, our country?
For goodness sake reinstate the Tudors to the National Curriculum as a core subject.

Enough of the "belly-aching"!

We have not forgotten him, and I want to tell you about our wonderful play "HENRY VIII"

Two actors with a myriad of props and costumes portray FIFTEEN different characters in this extravaganza of a production. For 70 minutes the children will be spellbound as Tudor history unfolds before them.
With fully researched facts and a lavish helping of music and humour, the audience will participate and live the life of the Tudors. Some will even experience a breathtaking execution as they march the poor queen to the Tower of London.

Without giving too much away, just take a look at some of these pictures. You will find more on our website with many commendations. Then email or call me and make sure your children enjoy learning about "POOR
Until the next time, Albert.........

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