Tuesday, 16 July 2019


I cannot believe my last posting was in February. So much has happened since.
Unfortunately, not all the news is good. Whilst in some respects it is nice not to have to compete for business with many others, doing so does keep us on our toes and, dare I say and excuse the pun, ensures we put our best foot forward. However, we do not like to see our colleagues "going to the wall". The problem we all know is that there is not much money in the schools' coffers, and what little there is must be spent wisely.

An I.T. man told me some years ago that the digital age would supersede what he described as "snail mail".
How wrong can one be!
I am forever being urged to email schools "en masse" by those offering guarantees that the returns will far outweigh the cost.
Trust me, nothing could be further from the truth. If you are lucky, an email may reach the school office without being filtered out. But, the chances of it making it to the teaching staff or heads is very remote.
No, it may be expensive, but give me something tangible that one can hold and physically pass on every time.
Of course, I am making a bold statement and, whenever I receive a booking enquiry and ask the source, the reply is invariably "I found you on the internet". But, "did you really? Or, did you read the flyer that came through the post and then checked us out on the internet?"
Anyway, I must go now as I have to arrange the next mailshot.
Until sooner, I hope,

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