Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Talk to a printer and he will tell you there is nothing sells better than an attractive, informative hard copy in the hand.
Talk to an IT specialist and you will be told mailing is a waste of money in this digital age, and the answer is emailing.
So, who do you believe?
When I receive an enquiry for a booking, my first question is "how did you find us?"
Almost invariably the answer is "on the internet".
But, is that really the case? What if the caller received our flyer, and then looked us up on the internet!
Now, the proximate cause of the enquiry becomes the mailing.
I do not profess to know the answer.
But, I do know we spend a fortune on mailing to some 10,000 schools each term, and I would like to believe it is money well spent. But, who knows?
So, the real question is can I afford to drop the mailing and rely entirely on emails and our website?
Now here I do have some valuable input. I have conducted several email campaigns over the last few years and I can safely say they are a waste of time. I have tried different formats both with and without attachments, and on one occasion I employed a "specialist" firm to create and send them. I do not believe I had a confirmed booking as a result.
In fact, I am of the opinion they can do more harm than good. Many recipients, that is those who bother to reply, request they be deleted from our emailing list.
What I can say with confidence is our website www.aesopstheatre.co.uk works well, and we try to keep it up-to-date, and search engine friendly.
Whilst I do not usually ask for responses to my blogs, this time I should really appreciate anything my readers have to say.
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