Monday, 10 January 2011

Snow and ice and MORE?

Hi and Happy New Year to both my readers. Just kidding, I hope!
Anyway, take a look at our two sparkling new actresses, Laurie on the left and Caroline next to her. They have settled in really well and are enjoying being with us, or so they say!
By some miracle we got to the end of 2010 with only one cancellation, and that was re-booked.
2011 has started off well despite all the foreboding about school budget cuts. If you cannot afford the trips out then I say "bring the mountain to Mohammed". It is far less costly for us to visit the school, probably less than the coach fare alone.
Think also of the other advantages; a safe and secure environment, no need to count the kids every few yards, and doesn't take up the whole day, Sadly, I am told the freebies for the staff no longer exist; hardly surprising when "'elf and safety" requires nearly as many teachers and helpers as there are children!
Oh well, I guess that's life.
See you again soon.....

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