Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Spring is on the way

Just one more month and I reckon we are through it, in the South anyway. We can handle just about any kind of climate, but the schools are something else. In my day it was great fun watching the teachers crossing the playground and going base over apex on an icy slide hidden under a dusting of snow. I guess today there would be writs flying in all directions, but I doubt kids are allowed to make slides for fear of having a good time.
A teacher said last week "I bet you are looking forward to a restful half term break". If they only knew! We are just as busy with all kinds of events going on. Holidays are not for us, too many bills to pay.
March will be our busiest month ever with 55 performances booked already, and just a very few half days to fill.
If this rain ever stops I may get to bathe the dogs.
Time to stop rambling on and make the tea.
Until next time....

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