Thursday, 9 June 2011

Have I really been away since February? If only!
No, it has just been one of those hectic times when everything else took precedence.
We had our busiest term ever in the run up to Easter, and then I got busy with the mailings for the Summer term: followed by the annual recruitment of new actors.
The news on this front is both happy and sad.
We are delighted that Caroline is staying for another spell, but sorry to be losing Laurie at the end of this school year.
I do have to admit to some foreboding with all the bad news about cut backs, especially to schools. However, it seems my worst fears have yet to be realised and, in fact, bookings are actually up on the last few years. I can only put this down to the extensive campaign we have run to combat the financial crisis, and the realisation by schools that it is far more cost effective to have us in than taking the kids out,sad as that may be.
Other news is that Karen is in the process of writing a new play, and she has also written a book she hopes to have published soon.
More news on these two fronts when I next write. I promise it will not be as long a wait as this time.
Until then....

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