Sunday, 21 August 2011

Summer nearly gone....

What summer you ask. Yes, I take your point. But it is not all bad news.
The best bit is that Laurie just cannot bear to leave us and has signed on for another school year.
So all you lucky kids will again be entertained and, hopefully, learn something from our delightful duo of Laurie and Caroline.
Just to remind you, as if you could forget, here are their smiling faces.
Work is in progress on our new production "TIMELINE", a study of history through the ages, and all being well we hope to launch it in January 2012. This is a play to be performed by one actor taking on a multitude of roles, and engaging the children in the performance. My thanks to those who have already reserved a booking, and I look forward to many others joining their ranks.
I must tell you about Lara. She joined us in July for a few days as part of her work experience. It was a pleasure to have her on board and, as with the many others we have helped, we look forward to keeping in touch and hearing how she gets on. Who knows, she may even join us one day if acting becomes her chosen path.
Back soon....

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