Friday, 23 September 2011

Not much of a Summer!

Is it really all over? Or are we still waiting for it to arrive?
Well, at least the actors did not complain bitterly about the heat when they were performing. A good thing really since TIE is so physical.

Sadly, we heard no more from Lara following her work experience spell with us. We had rather hoped she would write a review on one of our plays, and perhaps a blog we could publish. Still, she said it was enjoyable and worthwhile.

Now the run up to Christmas. I would urge those wishing to book us to get in early as we are filling very rapidly. Also, "Book Week" next March is also very popular.

Not anything more to say at present, but I shall be back when the new school year is in full swing. In the meantime, commiserations to those theatre companies that have fallen by the wayside. I know how you all must feel. It does not look too bright for any of us whilst the financial crisis continues.

On this bright note....


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