Friday, 18 November 2011


Ah! This is the life; sitting on a horse contemplating the next scene of my new play.
'Timeline', a study of history through the ages, is to be launched in Spring 2012. The calm before the storm!
Not an easy task ahead of me writing a play with only one actor portraying so many interesting and relevant characters from Stone Age to Modern day. Tommy Cooper and the hats comes to mind! Now there was a talent. It does mean I get a chance to do my Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy impersonations though: not easy to practice those on a horse mind!
What's next...ah! The music and sound effects. This is the fun part and, of course, looking for props. Yes, the body parts for the Tudor section in the play are the bits I'm looking forward to finding. But, if I fall off this horse I may not need to go looking for quite so many!
So far I have written 23 pages, and this is supposed to be an hour long!
Page 24 beckons, so must go.

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