Sunday, 4 December 2011

A fillip for when one is feeling down

Every once in a while I wonder if it is all worthwhile. I know the kids love what we do, and that gives me a real buzz. Also, we get great feedback from teachers.
So now you are wondering what this is all about.
Well the clue is in the title "Theatre in Education". This is what we do. We aid in the education process by making the learning enjoyable.
Okay, so what is the problem? You ask.
Put simply, I have to wonder if the education system to which we contribute is really working.
On average I receive sixty emails a year from students studying the many aspects of theatre. I reply to them all with a standard document I have written that covers just about everything they are likely to need to know.
Whilst they are invariably polite enquiries, I am so often appalled by the poor spelling, punctuation, lack of correct English grammar, and the inability to construct sentences.
So what a breath of fresh air it was to hear from Rosie, and receive the following "thank you" for my response.

"Hello Albert,
Thank you so much for taking the time out to read and reply to my email. It is much appreciated - I understand that you have plenty of work to do!
I did read up on your fantastic company before writing to you, and I noted that you only perform for children up to 12. However, I decided to include you in my mailing list, because although our piece has been aimed at years 10 and 11, at some schools our audience has been as young as year 7. Thus, the follow up workshops we do next year are occasionally going to be for 11/12 year olds. I apologise that I did not explain this in my previous email; it was only because it was sent out to various companies at once. I am so pleased that you have got back to me, as I am going to have to be even more adaptable in my workshops now due to the unplanned varying age range - as I'm sure you know, 11 year olds and 16 year olds are worlds apart! Your guidance will be very helpful in this respect.
Many thanks also for your offer to attend one of your performances - I would love to take you up on it. Although, currently I am working with secondary schools, when I graduate from university I hope I am fortunate enough to have a career working with younger students in primary schools. They are where my real passion lies so it would be wonderful to gain some first hand experience. In the third term this year, I complete a 6 week placement and again I am looking to work with a younger audience!
Once again, thank you for your time and advice.
Kind regards,

Students, I hope I have made my point.

Until next time have a wonderful festive season.


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