Friday, 20 January 2012

Christmas came and went

While I was "sunning" myself on the beach in Australia the boss, pictured to my left, was left at home to entertain a couple of the grandchildren with her new play "TIMELINE".

I figured I had earned the break after the busiest run up to the year end ever.

Whatever happened to the wallabies, kangaroos and koalas? From Sydney to just below Rockhampton we never saw any. But we did manage to feed a couple of dolphins in Tin Can Bay.

Now it is back to the grindstone in earnest. Spring is our busiest school term so we are hoping the local authorities make an effort to keep the schools open during the snow and icy weather; no more unnecessary closures please. If we can drive from Woking to Birmingham for a 9.15 morning performance we don't want to find the school closed because the path was slippery!. You may think I am joking, or being cynical. Trust me it has happened.

I mentioned our latest production, "TIMELINE". An ambitious new project in which our leader, Karen, enlists the help of the audience on an amazing journey from the stone age to the present day. Still in the "costume and propping" stage this extravaganza will be ready to launch in the Summer term and, judging by the interest already shown, it looks like a winner.

I will keep you informed of its progress, but now back to work on yesterday's bookings, and getting ready for the telephone onslaught as the schools open.

Bye for now,

Yours Albert.

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