Sunday, 11 March 2012

Ruth's Review

Last Friday we had the pleasure of the company of Ruth Stanger, a third year student at St. Mary's University College, Twickenham. Ruth is studying Drama and Applied Theatre and for her dissertation is researching Theatre in Education.

After helping with the get in and setting up she was keen to introduce us to our young audience. And what an introduction it was! Had the kids not been on the floor, she would have had them out of their seats before we even started; they were that excited.

This is what Ruth had to say about the performance:-

"On Friday 9th March I was lucky enough to visit Grove Road Primary School in Hounslow, to view a fantastic performance by Aesop's Touring Theatre Company.

As part of my dissertation research I am visiting schools to watch Theatre in Education shows, and it has to be said that "The Adventures of the Gingerbread Man" was one of the best T.i.E. performances I have seen. The show follows the Gingerbread Man who has run away from his parents, and their lovely house and garden, to find somewhere nicer to live. Along his journey he meets many different animals, and learns all about their homes and how they live. What does the Gingerbread Man do in the end? Well you'll have to wait and see!

The show was fun and lively, with songs and dances that the children could join in with. The kids were so involved and loved every minute of the show. With songs such as "Polly put the Kettle on" and, of course, "You can't catch me I'm the Gingerbread Man" the children are involved with the play from the start.

T.i.E. work is always very participatory, and this show was no different, with children becoming flowers, hedgehogs and trees, to giving advice to the characters about what they should do.

Theatre in Education is so important in educating children about important issues or subjects in a way that captures their interest and imagination, which is exactly what Aesop's Gingerbread Man did. The children were excited and interested, and it was great to see such a lively audience who enjoyed the performance so much.

I thoroughly enjoyed the performance, and it was a pleasure to join Aesop's Touring Theatre Company.

If you're thinking of asking Aesop's to come and visit you, do not hesitate, you won't be disappointed, I promise!"

Thank you Ruth. It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope we will meet again, perhaps when you are "treading the boards".

Bye readers until next time,


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