Thursday, 17 May 2012

Did somebody mention Summer?

Another dull day, but a great new idea!
Most of the time our actors hunt for the switch to turn down the heating. School halls are notoriously over heated. But not this Summer. It is more a case of trying to keep warm before the performance starts.
Enough of the complaining. Let me tell you about something new.
Teachers like the children to be involved as much as possible in performances. Schools are very keen on WORKSHOPS, and we deliver many.
Now we are expanding our DRAMA WORKSHOPS to embrace even more of the HISTORY SYLLABUS.
Our new production "TIMELINE" covers the whole period from stone age man to modern times.
As a 75 minute play it is particularly interactive with the children. But, we are also able to use excerpts from it as a basis for DRAMA WORKSHOPS. Simply choose a study period, Saxon, Viking, Tudor, Elizabethan, Georgian, Victorian etc. and we will conduct a DRAMA WORKSHOP based on any one or any combination.
An actor in costume will introduce the period, portraying and highlighting important events.This will be  followed by encouraging and assisting the children in creating and performing their own short pieces based on what they have seen and learnt.
Yet another string to our bow, and one that is proving very popular.
Talk to you again soon,

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