Monday, 29 April 2013


Well done if you managed to stay dry and warm. Our poor little Gingerbread Man nearly froze to death at a seaside theatre. It was so blustery we had to wrap him in a blanket. Mind you, he ran faster than he has ever run before just to keep warm! Now the sun has finally arrived, albeit intermitently, we will be seeing more beheadings as Henry VIII goes through his list of unsuspecting children at numerous schools in the months ahead.
One of the rewarding aspects from speaking with our actors is the variety in performing different plays. "It is never boring!" is often one of the comments made by our dedicated team.
Well, that's good to know;  as a writer and actor myself, I often think how lucky we are having ten plays available whereas, for example, some actors perform only one play every day in the West End for a year. Our work certainly keeps the actors fresh and on their toes. I have no doubt about that, and you never know how the children will react either. In our experience, kids are very honest and let you know exactly what they are thinking!
As, in the words of the great man himself, W.C. Fields;  "Never work with animals or children."
Of course, he has a point! I commend those actors and entertainers who do work with children for they will reap many rewards for their trials and tribulations, as do we with our own plays and workshops.
In conclusion, our actors have the best of both worlds; the traditional repertory style of live theatre where they learn many different plays and perform them ad hoc and the challenge of working with younger and older children with the improvisational and instinctive demands this represents.
With thanks to Karen for much of this input,
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