Thursday, 6 February 2014

Will it ever stop raining!

You must all be wondering where I have been, or if I am dead, or maybe drowned!
Well the truth is I have been so busy thinking about this website and the need to upgrade it, I have just not had the time to write anything.
Now the good news is we will soon have a brand new site; all singing and dancing but, more importantly, offering the opportunity to display special offers and weekly or monthly deals.
For example, if you are a small primary school, you will have the chance to book a play for one key stage and have any one of our other productions for the other key stage for FREE.
Or, perhaps the chance to book us for the current term and get us for HALF PRICE next term.
Or, we may even throw in a Drama Workshop at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.
You may ask why are we offering such bargains. Well, it is because we know from your feedback you want us, but cannot always afford us.
I seem to recall some mention of school budgets being "ring fenced" when the chancellor was making cuts, and telling us all to tighten our belts.
Unfortunately, as all you head teachers know, that was a promise that was never kept.
With less to spend it has to be done wisely. We can visit you often for less than the cost of coaches to take the children to the theatre. And they will be in your safe and secure environment.
Okay, enough of the sales pitch.
I have to get back to work so, until the next time (not so long I promise) au revoir,
p.s. Remind me to tell you about our book. Here is a visual preview.

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