Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Never enough time

I cannot believe my last posting was back in February.
Where has all the time gone, and what have I been doing?
Well, apart from arranging auditions for the next school year, studying the changes proposed to the National Curriculum, and ensuring we are still very much "on the ball" with our productions, we have been busy promoting our "Health and Safety" book for the young - Billy Beware! - as there has been a surge in demand for this play. About time too! There is so much about "Elf 'n Safety", but so little of it relates to the very young.
Also, we are promoting "Transition Workshops" for year six children. I remember the daunting prospect of a new school where, from being the biggest, I was to become the smallest. And that was the least of the problems I encountered. Add getting lost, being bullied and not knowing many of the other kids, and none of the teachers.
So now you can book us to come along and alleviate most of the worries and fears.
Drama Workshops are very much in vogue, and we are able to tailor make them on just about any subject. We even have an ongoing enquiry on the best way to treat pets.
Well, I have given you a taster of what we have in store, and have inserted some pictures from our "Billy Beware!" book.
Until the next time,

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