Monday, 18 August 2014

Summer nearly over

Having returned from a successful tour in Spain to the rain and cold of the typical English Summer, we are now heavily into rehearsals with our two new wonderful actresses.
Jade and Emily have joined us for the forthcoming school year.
Both are extremely talented and are picking up rapidly on the exacting task of learning NINE plays.
Whilst Karen is a real task master and demands perfection, she has a heart of gold and the girls are having plenty of fun picking up on the myriad of characters, plots, costumes and props. I hear it all sat at the computer coordinating the bookings for the coming months.
In keeping with the changes to the National Curriculum, we are expanding our portfolio and offering a wide range of Drama Workshops. In fact, we can now accomodate any subject the wider ranging and more recent history studies demand.
Just mention a subject and, if we do not already carry it, we will do the research and come up with a tailor made presentation.
I will sign off now, but will remember to ask Jade and Emily for photos I can add later.
Until next time....

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