Sunday, 6 September 2015

Growing all the time

Not another new actress! Absolutely so. The delightful talented Melissa Livermore has joined us after a successful summer tour of much of England and Wales with a show specifically designed for young children. Take a look at "Actors and Auditions" and you can read her personal blog.
Schools are now back after a rather dismal August and, we too, are back in the swing of things with some exciting new Drama Workshops on offer.
We have recently risen to the challenge and created interactive studies on "The Plague, The Great Fire of London, Twentieth Century Monarchs, Victorian and Georgian Times and a whole load more.
We are so pleased that teachers want the children to be more "hands on" with their studies. How different from my school days, when I was sat there dozing while some old bore droned on about polders and dams and the like.
So while you were all out enjoying yourselves in the rain, we were stuck here planning your future educational needs and pleasures.
And now I must get back to more of that but, before you leave, refresh your memory of some of the wonderful plays we have on offer.
Until next time,
Albert x                                                    Melissa Livermore

and not forgetting Jade Jeneway

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