Monday, 25 April 2016

I really must try harder!

Was my last message way back in September last year? I cannot believe it.
Perhaps so much has happened that I have just not had the time. Well, that's my excuse!
What with the Queen's 90th birthday, the celebration of St. George and 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare, is it any wonder I have not had time to put pen to paper!
This year really did start off with a bang. All our new range of Drama Workshops are proving most popular, and there is a surge of interest in our environmental play "Robin Hood Rescues the Forest".
"Billy Beware!" has also been in demand. I guess folks are waking up to the fact that there is much said and done about "elf & safety", but so little of it relates to kids. Our production fills the gap nicely.
Not only is the play doing well, but we are also in demand for the book written by our Director and Principal Actress, Karen.
There was a time when I could add pictures but, sadly, I seem to have lost the knack. Either that or the blogging system I am using will not oblige.
Anyway, I am off to walk the dog, Bonnie, between showers. Hopefully, you may get to see her once the glitch has been resolved.
Until next time - not so long!

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