Friday, 9 November 2018


Thank you Mr Phillip Hammond for the truly magnanimous gesture: an estimated £10,000 for every primary school to spend on "the little extras" in the next financial year.
Sadly, owing to the annual cut-backs in the past few years, the "little extras" may have to be pencils or toilet paper! But, it is the thought that counts.
Now, those out there in the privileged position of having a few quid in the kitty may wish to push it in our direction and really give the kids something "a little extra".
We have 10 Scripted Plays and any number of Drama Workshops for your indulgence and the 10 grand will buy several performances to enhance your pupils' learning.
So, I say to hell with the toilet paper or whatever, and get spending while the going is good. You will probably never get a better chance.
Oh, I thought I would leave you with a photo of the man himself with a caring look.
Until next time,
Official portrait of Mr Philip Hammond.jpg

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