Wednesday, 28 November 2018


Readers, I have some wonderful news for you.
Remember ALIA WILSON who was with us for the 2017 school year?
Well, she has just finished an engagement in Italy, and has kindly agreed to assist us with our busy schedule up to Christmas.
With so many bookings, we are truly delighted to have her back. Luckily, we grabbed her before somebody else did.
I know there are hundreds of actors out there desperate for work. But try and nab one at this time of year!
In case some of you have forgotten what she looks like, here she is.
Amazingly, she only flew back yesterday, and is already working with us today at a school in Hampton Wick.
With her brilliant memory, she has only to skip through the scripts, ALL NINE OF THEM, and it all races back to her.
That's all from me for now; off to write up some NEW YEAR bookings.
Until next time,

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