Tuesday, 29 January 2019


Today, at an independent school in Maidenhead, one that knows us well, Tabitha did her first performance of "Aesop's Fables".
Dare I say they loved it. In fact, the applause at the end was truly deafening.
So, what's the big deal, you ask?
Well, Tabitha has only been with us a week and, with NINE plays to learn, we are very impressed with the speed she is coming along.
Of course, the same has to be said of Paul, who has also been with us for only a short while, and he already has FOUR shows under his belt.
A long way to go yet and the busy Spring term is always a test, but we are confident of fulfilling all our many engagements with the quality performances our regulars have come to expect.
Half term is nearly upon us and that affords the opportunity to knuckle down to rehearsals and honing the finer points.
The wonderful part of having new actors is the innovations and ideas they bring. Sometimes I look back on the original scripts of twenty years ago and realise how much they have changed. The key important elements remain, but there is many a hint of enterprise and creativity that can be associated with the actors that portrayed the characters and enacted the scenes.
The golden rule is to quickly win over the audience and then milk them for all it is worth: add new jokes, use expression and body language to emphasise a point. You will be amply rewarded when you see the children really enjoying it.
As ever, I am prattling on. Have some more pictures.

Until next time, Albert signing off....

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