Thursday, 10 January 2019


Before you know it, it is all over!
One minute you are poring over the presents, wine and food, and the next you are welcoming the new year.
Then suddenly, it is well into January and the cold weather has arrived; thankfully, not the snow and ice, so keeping fingers crossed.
We have a busy schedule of plays and workshops, less of the seasonal fun stuff, and more curriculum related performances.
We have anew actor on board and are seeking a further one to complement the team.
Fitting rehearsals in between performances keeps us extremely busy and creates rather a "Catch 22" situation. We want the bookings, but need time off to rehearse.
On top of this, everyone wants New Workshops, and that means finding the time to devise them.
All in all, far too much to be doing. So I have to go now and just leave you with some more pictures.
Until soon, Albert.....

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