Tuesday, 18 December 2018


No, I am not talking about fruit and, anyway, that myth has long been exploded.
I am referring to the average number of emails I receive every day offering to improve this website.
These appear to emanate from all over the World but, mainly India and China and sometimes the UK.
Of course there are the inevitable ones from the fraud capital of the World (not allowed to mention the country, but you all know where I mean).
There is a regular pattern to them all: rather like the unwanted telephone caller who starts off with "How are you today?". At which point you obviously hang up. Actually, if it is a live voice, and understandable, I may have a little fun first. Don't ask!!!
Yes, rather in the style of the shadow chancellor of the exchequer responding to the chancellor's budget address. He invariably praises his opponent for such an eloquent speech, and then proceeds to tear him apart.
So it is with those soliciting for our website business. "You have an excellent website however", and then they try to baffle me with technical jargon.
Somehow I manage to resist the temptation of responding with "yes, it is an excellent website. After all, so many of you are finding it without difficulty".
But no, once you reply, you are in their clutches.
Here endeth my bitch for today.
Let's look at a couple more pictures to remember what we do. Kids enjoying themselves.
Until next time,

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