Sunday, 16 December 2018


So far, so good!
I believe the weather is on our side this year. Keep raining if you like but please no snow or ice. England cannot handle it, and we don't want to disappoint the kids with so many shows booked before Christmas.
We were very apprehensive about last Monday's morning trip to Leicester, and then on to Mansfield in the afternoon, followed by an overnight stay in Stockton on Tees to freshen up for a late morning performance in Middlesborough on Tuesday.
Thankfully, all went well and the children and staff were delighted.
This coming week sees us in Chelmsford, Seaford, Birmingham and then finishing the year in London.
We start it all again in early January and I just read that the Seven Bridge toll is scrapped from today. That too is good news as we have a booking deep in Wales coming up shortly, and every penny saved helps keep us going.
I leave you with just a reminder of what we could have faced.
Until soon,

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