Tuesday, 20 March 2018


My oh my! How education has changed, and so much of it for the better.
Many of you of my age or, perhaps even a good deal younger, will recall the school days when we sat a a geography lesson, barely listening, whilst the teacher droned on about "dikes and polders".
Of course, now the kids are taken on a trip to Holland to see them for themselves. Well, the lucky ones whose school funds haven't completely bled dry.
So what is the point you are making? you ask.
Simply this: if the school can't take you to all these exciting places, let us bring them to you.
We create INTERACTIVE DRAMA WORKSHOPS on just about anything.
We have a huge portfolio of ones we have had commissioned, and new ones are being added all the time.
 I just love a challenge. Give me a clue, and our team will produce a Drama Workshop to fit in with your curriculum needs.
Some ideas are posted on our website, but these are by no means all we have to offer, and they are growing all the time.
With education now being so much "hands on", we are here to add another dimension.
Kids love to act and, with us they get every opportunity to develop their skills, whilst adding to their knowledge.
Remember also, so much is gained from social intercourse.
Next time you have a project, whether it be easy, complex or nigh on impossible, remember "AESOP'S TOURING THEATRE COMPANY" has almost 20 years experience under its belt.
Until the next time, take a look at these youngsters cooking, learning the Green Cross Code, acting and dancing.

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