Saturday, 24 March 2018


We have now been around for almost 20 years and, if there is one thing that has taught us, it is you cannot have just one string (or even two) to your bow!
You are all familiar with the Plays we perform and the Drama Workshops we create.
BUT, there is much, much more.
Our principal actress is Karen Brooks and, she does not just create, write, produce, choreograph, and compose the music for all our plays, she also uses her Drama Qualifications to full advantage in directing the productions.
Many of the actors we have employed over the years have benefited from her skills, and we have testimonials to prove it.
Karen is now pleased to offer DRAMA TUITION.
This can be on a "one to one" basis or for groups. She will shortly be embarking on furthering this exciting prospect with independent schools and dance and drama academies.
AND, it does not stop there!
Karen has written and had published a highly valued book for young children. You will have seen it on our website "Billy Beware!". It includes an audio CD recorded by Karen.
As a natural progression, we now offer "STORYTELLING".
We know how popular this is in schools and, with budgetary restraints, it is far less costly than a live theatre production.
I suggest you check out Karen on our website under "ACTORS". You will also find her prominent in some of the live action photos and video. I am sure you will be suitably impressed.
I will leave you with some pictures from "Billy Beware!".
Until soon.... Albert....

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